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Con-Tech Properties : Hermano Princess Homes For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Kuzer Interior (Townhouse) ₱ 1,750,000 - 1,800,000 - NA -
Er-Mack ₱ 2,650,000 - NA -
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Total Contract Price (TCP) : P 1,475,000
Downpayment/Equity (DP) : 50,000
Reservation Fee : P 5,000
Net DP (Less Reservation) : P 45,000
DP (payable in 6 months) : P 7,500
Loanable Amount 1,425,000
5 yrs. 29,150
10 yrs. 18,635
15 yrs. 19,129
20 yrs. 14,709
25 yrs. 14,485
30 yrs. 14,112

Hermano Princess Homes are one of the fastest growing real estate properties in the city. There are many reasons for you to invest in them with your life's savings. One major reason is the well designed and sophisticated House Models. It is worth every peso because you will be surrounded by the feeling of finally coming home. You will have a warm home to come back home to after your tiring day at work. These homes are known for their durability, beauty, and functionality. If you are looking out for a home to last you through generations, then this is the home for you. It is provided to meet all of your needs through every day of your life. 

Another reason is the easy installment schemes. This will be one of the largest financial transactions that you will be engaging in and so the developers have made this much easier for you to their installment options. They know that all the buying of real estate property can leave you dizzying, anxious and stress full. There are a whole lot of rules and regulations involved as well. However, the developers have looked into these matters where you can become the owner of these affordable residential units through easy payment schemes. There are a whole lot of easy payment options available which ensures that your payment is easy and stress-free while giving you a home to be cherished and memories created here. There is company offered in-house financing or you can also make your payment through the government's Pag Ibig Housing loan for specific qualified members. With these payment schemes, you can easily make investments in monthly amortizations which starts from 5 years till 30 years. The amounts through this payment scheme are low yet it takes many years to make it your own home. 

Another major reason to invest here is the safe and friendly community and surrounding neighborhood. Many of us search for safe homes to protect our families while we are away. And the Hermano Princess Homes gives you just that. There are internal security measures as well as precautionary measures taken to keep you and your family safe. It is well known that the city of San Jose is a close-knit area with excellent police protection force which is active in the region. There are peace and order in the area through their coordination and vigilance. The city police station in this area comprises of 8 Kabayan Action centers. 

There is also a local fire station which is always in action and prompts in their services. The local fire station features five fire trucks which are all modern and equipped with the newest technology for putting out fires and breakouts as well as for rescuing people. They serve the city as well as other neighboring towns promptly and put out the fires in no time. But such cases of major breakouts of fire incidents are quite rare. Moreover, Hermano Princess Homes have their own fire alarm systems which easily detects even the slightest fire breakouts. They are also equipped with the modern and sophisticated water sprinkler systems which put out the fires easily. They come activated as soon as there is even the slightest smoke or indication of fires. You can be guaranteed that your family, kids and loved ones are totally safe in this lovely Hermano Princess home residential community.


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