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The Hermano Princess Homes offers modern and contemporary facilities and amenities. They lay prime importance on the security and safety of the residents at these homes. The security system is a 24-hour service with security personnel manned at the main entrance to these homes. There are also round the clock surveillance all around. It is also equipped with CCTV cameras to monitor and follow the movements of people around the property. You will find them installed in common areas. 

It is located in a very friendly neighborhood which is free from crime and violence. It is also the perfect area for aged people and children as well. This area is also flood-free and great precautionary measures have been taken to avoid waterlogging and floods.

It features leisure amenities like a swimming pool for both adults and kids. Spacious gardens to relax and refresh oneself, jogging and walking tracks, and a community hall to mingle and socialize with the other residents in this residential neighborhood. The gardens and the swimming pools are the perfect spots to refresh and relax at the end of a tiring day. Each of the bedrooms leads out on to a balcony which gives you a view of your surroundings and nature in all its glory. These balcony areas are also perfect for relaxation and sit outs with family and friends as well as for enjoying your hot cup of coffee in the mornings or taking in the cool evening breeze. You can gaze out at the night sky and at the shimmering night sky from your balcony. There is a special play area for your kids to play about freely without you having worries about them getting lost or injuring themselves. Your children and family will always be safe within the confines of this residential site. 

There is also a community hall for the holding of functions and private parties for the residents. These homes facilitate a sewage system equipped with sewage treatment plants, water tanks for storage at each residential unit, refuse chutes, fire alarm systems with water sprinklers to put out the fires in case of a breakout or emergency, smoke detectors. The homes are well equipped with facilities and amenities to ensure complete convenience and comforts of its residents in their day to day life. They aim to make the resident's live more stress-free and hassle-free. They aim to serve.

These Hermano Princess homes also provide for cable connections and internet connections for each residential units. These facilities are available to residents 24 hours in a day. Each unit is also provided with Air conditioning units and adequate air circulations. Every unit also features separate and independent mailboxes with separate keys to access them by oneself. 

No need for worries and power cuts at the Hermano Princess homes as they are facilitated with 100% power backups. 


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